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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood picks back up with the Teairra Mari revenge porn saga. The episode begins with Brooke giving Teairra the tea about Akbar, and it’s really just a memo from Captain Obvious. Basically, TT got played. Akbar is (allegedly) known for taking advantage of young women, especially famous or wannabe famous ones who are in vulnerable situations like Teairra, for the sake of his own fame. All her rehab drama was in #TheBlogs so he may have seen her as an easy target. In the hood, we call that pimpin’.


We know by now, thanks to #TheBlogs, that TT decided to move forward with a lawsuit. The status of that case is currently up in the air but some folks around these Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood streets think TT might have had a hand in leaking her own sex tapes. K Michelle sums it up perfectly by likening this to “The Atlanta Scandal.” You remember Mimi’s sex tape situation right? First Mimi blamed her then-boyfriend Nikko for leaking their sex tape and he looked like the bad guy for a long time, but later she admitted that she was in on the plan the entire time.


People literally do some of anything for attention these days, unfortunately, so it’s not a far-fetched theory. Hopefully, in Teairra’s case, that’s not the case!

In other news, JayWill is feeling some type of way about that Pride audition gone wrong. Remember how he showed up as his regular self and did a depressing poetry number, instead of performing as his alter ego, Kandie, who we all know everyone really wanted to see, especially for a Pride event! Yeah, so La’Britney also showed up to the same audition and killed her routine and booked the show. Somehow, JayWill feels like La’Britney is a trash friend for taking the gig and that if she were a real one she’d turn it down.


La’Britney kicks the truth, which is that sometimes people have to do what they don’t want to

when it comes to auditions and perhaps he should have begrudgingly performed as Kandie anyway since that would have been the winner. Plus, he should have known that Kandie was more appropriate for a Pride event anyway. Duh! People show up to Pride to party. He should have established his more serious side during another opportunity. He definitely doesn’t see it that way though. Obviously, they get together to talk about this and have a hostile discussion. She says she’ll throw him the gig as a bone because she’s not doing it since she’s going to London with Bridget Kelly (Bridget Kelly invited a bunch of the Angry Birds on a girls trip). They start arguing back and forth some more but the real tea is spilled when he says everyone knows that she and A1 have been (allegedly) sleeping with each other.


The episode winds down with Moniece and Roccstar in the studio. Basically, they know each other from back in the day and Moniece wanted to get back to recording so of course, Roccstar the snake saw this as the prime opportunity.


Brooke, who is supposed to be Moniece’s friend, offers to come for moral support. What she actually does is take over the session, singing Moniece’s lines and ish, because, Brooke is thirsty like that. Anyway, Moniece struggles a bit since it has been a while and her vocals are rusty and she’s nervous, so Brooke and Roccstar go in the booth to listen to the song and Brooke tells Roccstar that she wants to “help Moniece catch a vibe.” We all know that’s code for outshining her on the song, especially when Brooke, in her confessional, says it looks like Roccstar got himself into another Amber Diamond situation, and we all know how awful that was.

Moniece senses what’s about to happen and starts freaking out. She nearly passes out and it’s probably a panic attack but you know they have to drag this out so the medics come through to tend to Moniece while Roccstar and Brooke are still in the booth listening to the whole drama go down and basically trashing Moniece. Roccstar actually starts laughing about this situation and calls it that Moniece probably freaked out because she was triggered by what was about to happen with Brooke and thought a panic attack would shut everything down. He didn’t even think Moniece actually would go to the hospital but she does. Meanwhile, Brooke and Roccstar stay behind so that Brooke can record Moniece’s record.


Next, we get back to the A1 and Lyrica drama and then there’s the girls trip. Will Bridget Kelly, Moniece, La’Britney, Teairra Mari and Brooke Valentine kill each other across the pond? Probably.

Come back next week if you’re here for it, though!


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