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Here’s is an app that will make shoveling snow a breeze.

Snow Covered Sidewalk

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Who the hell wants to shovel all this damn snow we about to get? If you say “No CeCe,” will I got a hookup for you!

There are apps where you can request a person to come out to you and shove your snow. All you have to do is download one of the apps, add your address and how much snow you need to be cleared (driveway, sidewalk, etc.). Once you put in your request it will go to the nearest person who will come out and shovel the snow.

Some of the apps that you can find on iPhone and Androids are called Yeti: Snow Shoveling On-Demand, Shoveler: Snow Removal On-Demand and so many more. Just search “shovel snow” in the App or Google Play Store.

You can literally just be sipping on your hot cocoa and watch someone else do this must needed task for you. Why didn’t I think of this?

Source: 10TV

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