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Listen i believed this for a long time, because my mom told me that i shouldn’t go outside with my hair wet or I’m going to catch a cold. Guess what? I have been telling my son the same thing and Ive been extra cautious of him leaving with his hair not fully dry. But according ton global this is not the case

Bogoch, A researcher at Motts Childrens Hospital in Detroit  stressed that colds have nothing to do with the weather. He stated that colds are viruses, that circulate. “They can cause nuisance symptoms like low-grade fever, sneezing, coughing, runny noses, and people generally feeling crummy until it passes.”

“Preventing the cold can be challenging [in colder months], but good hygiene is key,” he said, adding viruses can live on surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, and elevator buttons.

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