Former Felon Now Educator Request Presidential Pardon

Source: Rodney White / RODNEY WHITE

Uh Oh! There is a viral photo of inmates shoveling snow outside of the Cook County Jail that has people super upset. Check it out below:



The image was shared on Facebook by La Villita, Chicago and appears to show the inmates at the entrance of the jail shoveling snow in their orange jumpsuits during this polar vortex. Chicago’s freezing weather reached as low as double-digit subzero temperatures this week.

According to, Cara Smith, the Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, said, “the men photographed are part of Renew, a vocational program which pays inmates to learn skills. As part of the program, the inmates are selected for projects in distressed communities.” Smith also explained that some of the inmates were happy to clear the snow and they were wearing “highly insulated jumpsuits, gloves, mittens, and insulated boots,” and rotated in and out of warming vans every 20 minutes.

“We take full responsibility,” she said. “We haven’t lost our minds.”

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