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Have you ever wondered what the stars of the cult classic “Friday” got paid to do the film? Well, stand up comedian and actor John Witherspoon is spilling the tea and giving more details as into why Chris Tucker wasn’t a fan of returning to the film franchise. Check out what he had to say below:

Witherspoon explains that they only received $5000 to film the movie and even though it grossed over $300 million, they were never given any kickbacks. It did help out their careers in the long run because Tucker went on to work with Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour franchise making $20 million a film. Witherspoon did end up making $400k in the next Friday movie and $1 million in the next, so it paid off in the long run.

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Witherspoon also explained why Tucker distanced himself from the “Smokey” character saying, “he got religious [and the church council did not want to glorify] kids smokin’ weed…the preachers got to him and said, ‘you can’t be in a movie where they smokin’ weed and stuff.’ Now weed is legal. [So now he can] go back. [But] he got another job with Jackie Chan again,” referring to the upcoming Rush Hour 4 movie.


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