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Excited couple in front of first home real estate purchase.

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Go Columbus!! Business is booming here in Central Ohio, out of all the cities in the nation, put Columbus Ohio at the tippy top of the list for the hottest real estate markets in America.

Home Owners Giving a Handshake to the Real Estate Agent

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According to, the slowdown in big cities has indirectly benefited housing markets here in the Midwest. We outranked big cities like Boston, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Check out the full list below:

Full list:

1 Columbus, OH

2 Boston, MA

3 Midland, TX

4 Sacramento, CA

5 Stockton, CA    10

6 Colorado Springs, CO

7 Odessa, TX

8 Lafayette, IN

9 San Francisco, CA

10 Modesto, CA

11 Rochester, NY

12 Santa Cruz, CA

13 Chico, CA

14 Spokane, WA

15 Milwaukee, WI

16 Akron, OH

17 Ann Arbor, MI

18 Manchester, NH

19 Canton, OH

20 Vallejo, CA