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Just a year ago, a kid from Akron,Ohio revealed the opening of his very own I Promise School. That person is Lebron James who has won many awards and champions but the biggest achievement for him is changing the direction of Urban Public Education.



The schools offers support not just for the students but their family as well. With free resources such as free GED classes, shopping and free haircuts.



Allowing time to focus on the children social and mental health with a hour of medication or similar activities. These opportunities have shown increase in student’s attendance and behavior in school.

The school has also demonstrated an increase in their test scores and overall academic performance. According to, When it comes to the test scores both third graders and fourth graders initially scored in the lowest or first percentile. Now third graders have moved on up to the ninth percentile and fourth graders have moved to the 16th. When it comes to the math scores, third graders have moved from the lowest percentile to the 18th, and fourth graders moved from the second percentile to the 30th.

Thank you Lebron James!