Cardi B Off Set

Source: Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike / Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike

Rapper and Cardi B’s husband, Offset, may have been the targeted victim of a drive-by shooting according to reports. The studio where he was recording was riddled with bullets.


Complex reports that Offset may have been the target of a drive-by shooting in Atlanta on Wednesday night (May 8th). Police told TMZ that Offset was inside of Crossover Entertainment Group when the drive-by shooting occurred. Officers responded after the shots were fired into the building, but the rapper had left by the time authorities arrived.

At least one witness thinks that Offset was the target of the shooting.

Police have not yet spoken to the rapper, but are planning to contact him as they continue with the investigation.

The Atlanta Police Department said that passengers in a passing car opened fire at the studio at around 9 p.m. The bullets damaged three cars, the building’s exterior and at least one apartment window.

One person was reportedly shot in the leg, but officers have not yet confirmed this to be true.

The drive-by reportedly took place after Offset went outside for a few minutes to get some air.


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