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Source: Sebastian Prudent / GlobalGrind

It seems like rapper Cardi B has not gotten used to her stardom and all that comes with it. You have to have very tough skin to be a major celebrity and she has let her feelings get the best of her again. Cardi went off on a rant on video and called out fans that she says attacked her family. Check out the footage below:



According to, Cardi said of her younger sister, Hennessy Carolina, “No, you cannot talk about my sister. I will f**king stab… I will kill somebody for my sister. I would go to jail for my sister. I would go to jail for my sister, I would die for my sister, I would take a bullet for my sister. So nobody could talk about my sister. I could be best friends with somebody for 100 years. Once they say something slick about my sister, you’re getting cut the f**k off, period.”

The rapper also defended her publicist, Patience, and her husband, Offset, saying, “Nobody can talk about my husband either. I understand that some fan pages and some people, they feel a certain type of way because of the drama that I have with Offset. However, that’s my husband and that’s my child’s father. My daughter loves her dad. So I know she will fight for her dad. But she can’t ’cause she a baby. So I will fight for her dad. Nobody can talk no crazy sh*t about my baby father.”

She added, “Keep my family out of it though. Just delete your Instagram then because I don’t give a f**k.”