It seems like rapper Cardi B has not gotten used to her stardom and all that comes with it. You have to have very tough skin to be a major celebrity and she has let her feelings get the best of her again. Cardi went off on a rant on video and called out fans […]

On Monday night — the eve of a big meeting between House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump about Trumpcare — Breitbart has strategically chosen to to release audio of comments that Ryan made last October while feeling disgusted over Donald Trump’s lewd hot-mic tape. At the time, news of the Congressional conference call only […]

Pharrell set the record straight while visiting Ellen DeGeneres' show.

Jennifer Boyle has already raised over $12,000 on a GoFundMe page. CHICAGO (WBBM/CNN) – In a YouTube video that’s gone viral, a white female shopper gets upset with a black employee who she said tried to “force” her to purchase a $1 reusable bag. A customer who witnessed the confrontation is now trying to help […]

Birdman has made the press for his rant on, and against, a radio show last week.  Almost a week, people are still talking about him, the rant, and the new, popular way of saying “Respect.”  Only it’s…”Respeck!” Now, the rapper’s saying of that word has taken a life of its own.  So much so that […]

Peggy Hubbard, a black grandmother who grew up near Ferguson, Missouri, went on a rant against the Black Lives Matter movement that has now been…

In a viral Facebook post, Tyler Perry demands respect for Bobbi Kristina and the Brown/Houston family as Bobbi K’s health continues to deteriorate. Earlier this…

Nick Cannon has been silent up until this point as the blogs and tabloids have jumped to their own conclusions on his marriage to Mariah Carey. We have heard it all from him cheating to them living in separate houses. Well, Cannon has finally made a statement in true 2014 form, via Twitter. Get the full story […]

After making insensitive comments about people who are overweight in an interview with AllHipHop earlier this month, Tyrese is feeling the heat after loss of fans and major backlash. In the interview, Tyrese scolded overweight people, calling them “fat and nasty” and telling them to “do something about it.” Soon after, Ty took to Twitter to apologize, […]