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Woman sleeping in a bed

Source: Iuliia Isaieva / Getty

It’s summertime and our AC’s are on full blast. In most cases, so are our ceiling fans. Do you sleep with your ceiling fan on? Some of us do year-round. Is that bad for you?

Woman Sleeping on Bed

Source: Emmanuel Faure / Getty

According to The Sleep Advisor, while a fan does circulate air, it also can circulate pollen and dust. That’s not so great if you have allergies or asthma.

If that’s not enough, there are other reasons not to sleep with your fan on: it can dry out your skin and also your nasal passages, which can give you a stuffy nose. Also, sleeping with a fan on you can cause you to cramp up, as concentrated cool air can make muscles tense and leave you at risk for cramping.

Will you turn off your fan at nite after hearing this?