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A Cleveland, Ohio car mechanic shift gears at the tender age of 47 yrs old and decided to become a doctor. Carl Allamby graduated from medical school this year and has switched from fixing cars to fixing people.

Dr. Allamby now works at the Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital. According to, decades after high school, Allamby started taking night classes, but there was one required class he kept putting off: Biology. One class changed everything. Allamby was so impressed with the course and his teacher, Dr. Micah Watts, that he knew he had to go into medicine.

A chemistry teacher told him about a new program that offered intense undergraduate classes, help to prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test, and then, if successful, a spot at the Northeast Ohio University and it only went up from there.

This is so inspiring. Check out more of Dr. Allamby’s store here.

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