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Wow! This is a good look California! The state of California is paying off the medical school debts of doctors that commit to serving low-income patients.

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According to, it’s a new program to help improve Cali’s shortage of doctors. The state pays off the medical school debt of physicians who commit to having low-income patients as 30 percent of their caseload for at least five years.

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Source: DMC / Sinai-Grace Hospital

How did they raise the funds? So far, the state has allocated $340 million and they’re using tax revenue from tobacco sales to pay for it.

California isn’t the only place with a doctor shortage. New physicians are in high demand across the country, with a survey finding that two-thirds of doctors who finished their training last year had been contacted more than 50 times by recruiters.

This is a pretty good idea. Hopefully, more states will follow suit.