Sean Anthony spoke with Layden Hale, who is the Senior Housing Advisor at Homeport.  The two discussed the importance of understanding debt, budgets and finances.  Sean asked Layden to comment on the recent bill signed into law by the Governor. On October 28, 2021 Governor DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 1, making Ohio the […]


Are you a pet parent that would do anything for your fur babies, including going into debt? You are not alone. A new survey says that 1/3 of Americans are in debt for their pets medical cost. According to a new survey from, 13 percent of cat owners and nine percent of dog owners […]


Wow! This is a good look California! The state of California is paying off the medical school debts of doctors that commit to serving low-income patients. According to, it’s a new program to help improve Cali’s shortage of doctors. The state pays off the medical school debt of physicians who commit to having low-income […]


And it don’t stop! R. Kelly’s Sony Music royalties have been seized to pay off a large debt. Kells stopped paying on that Chicago studio that he was renting and they want their money now.   According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly’s former landlord, Midwest Commercial Funding recently issued a subpoena to […]

A Historic Black Church that has been operating for more that 200 years decided to raise money to donate to students at an affluent Historical Black College and University. Leaders at Alfred Street Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia raised more than $100,000 for Howard University seniors to aid in paying off their student loan balances. […]


Tyga's still behind on bills...

Kanye West is back to doing what no one else in the world can beat him at — being Kanye. The rapper took the stage at SNL over the weekend, making his sixth appearance on the show and performed “Ultra Light Beams,” off his new album The Life Of Pablo. West played “Ultra Light Beams” and the rest […]

  *She’s back… Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin popped up at an event in Iowa and compared the federal debt to slavery. “Our free…

Celebrity News

Lauryn Hill  reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn., to begin her three-month prison sentence, Peoplereports. The 38-year-old five-time Grammy winner is serving time after she was found guilty of failing to pay almost $1 million in taxes in May. Hill’s punishment also includes an additional three months of house arrest after she leaves prison. […]


WASHINGTON – Interest rates on some new federally backed loans for college students are now double what they were last week. Subsidized Stafford loan interest rates went to 6.8 percent on Monday because Congress didn’t strike a deal to keep them low. That translates to an extra $2,600 per student in costs. It affects roughly a […]