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The 10 Year Anniversary Of Kid Cudi’s Album Man On The Moon Is Coming Up Soon

Kid Cudi’s debut studio album, Man On The Moon, was released on September 15, 2009–which means the ten year anniversary is coming up in about a month.

To say this album really impacted the lives of those who listened to the songs again and again would be an understatement, with so many people who have now become lifetime fans of Cudi being introduced to him through Man On The Moon.

And of course, it’s an important piece of work for Kid Cudi himself, too.

Surely, such an incredible and important work of art will be celebrated in a ton of different ways throughout the world, but we already know one thing that Cudi is doing in celebration of a decade of Man on The Moon: Socks!

The people over at Stance are sharing a run of exclusive Kid Cudi-inspired socks a full month ahead of the album’s anniversary, which really gives all of his fans a proper amount of time to figure out what outfit they’re going to put together to go with these vibrant accessories.

The socks are gonna run you $18 a pair and you can check out a preview of them below:

Not only are we getting some dope socks 10 years after the release of his debut, but Kid Cudi is also preparing to give us another album.

His upcoming project, Entergalactic, will be accompanied by an animated Netflix series executive produced by Kenya Barris. According to Cudi himself, the album–and presumably, the show–come from a “fantasy’ point of view.
“It’s what I wish I had,” he said last month. “I live a very lonely life, but I have hope I’ll find someone someday.”
There’s no word yet on when we can expect that album to drop, but if anything, another body of work is definitely the best gift any decade long Kid Cudi fan could ask for.

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