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Pets Of The Week: Littles & Sue

Source: courtesy of Henrico Humane Society

Are you a pet parent that would do anything for your fur babies, including going into debt? You are not alone. A new survey says that 1/3 of Americans are in debt for their pets medical cost.

Pets of the Week

Source: courtesy of Henrico Humane / Henrico Humane

According to a new survey from, 13 percent of cat owners and nine percent of dog owners saying they owed at least $2,000 to the vet. There is such thing as pet insurance that can help to offset some of those costs but 3/4 of pet owners do not have pet insurance coverage. That leaves them to foot the entire bill. Pet emergencies do happen and when it does,  pet parents say they would use credit cards or take out a personal loan to cover the cost.


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