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If anyone is determined to get Donald Trump out of office, its congresswoman Maxine Waters. She promised Tom Joyner on stage at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion that she would get him out of the White House. In light of his most recent scandal involving trying to use the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden, she believes he can be impeached.

Waters says now more than ever most people can see that Trump is “a crook and a conman.” Over a majority of her caucus agrees that now is the time to move toward impeachment.

This was the last straw as far as many people are concerned. He used the power of the presidential office to try to bully the new president of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son. This isn’t his first illegal issue, Waters says, “he refused to show his tax returns,” he also “basically committed obstruction of justice” and don’t forget the issue of “collusion with Russia” and Putin.

“this man really is a crook, he’s corrupt, he’s dishonest. and he doesn’t give a darn about the constitution,” she says.

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