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An Ohio man has reached new heights, literally. In celebration of his 94th birthday, Paul Grimme, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

“Well I hope it’s a good airplane,” said Paul Grimme, as he suited up for his jump. “I’m not nervous at all.”

Grimme was gifted the sky diving experience for his birthday from his granddaughter, who didn’t think he’d really participate. But he definitely showed her, getting suited up and making the jump. “It’s pretty exciting. I’m glad he’s going to do it. I didn’t think he would when I told him!” said his granddaughter, Tara Kleier.

Grimme’s wife died back in January. Saturday would have marked their 75th wedding anniversary.

“Your wife will be with you when you jump, but one thing about it- she won’t need a parachute. She’ll be along side you,” said Grimme. He says the jump was just as much for her as himself.

Grimme Says that George H.W. Bush was one of his idols. The former president made a jump at 94, so he felt he could and should make the jump as well. Here’s to being 94 and fabulous!

Source: NBC4i