Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to You! It may look and feel a little bit different this year with the pandemic still looming but that doesn’t mean that it should not still be celebrated. Here are three possible upsides of celebrating Mom this year . . . According to NRF, there are are 3 positive upsides […]

  An Ohio man has reached new heights, literally. In celebration of his 94th birthday, Paul Grimme, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. “Well I hope it’s a good airplane,” said Paul Grimme, as he suited up for his jump. “I’m not nervous at all.” Grimme was gifted the sky diving experience for his […]

“It’s a night to remember.” Although prom might seem like a standard part of a high school student’s experience, the special night isn’t a reality for many teenagers who face financial burdens. But last Saturday, a group of 40 students from Chicago got the opportunity to attend a prom hosted by two local non-profit organizations, reports […]

Carmelo Anthony turned 32 years old over the weekend and celebrated like a true New Yorker should: with the Empire State as his playground.

Tired of the same old, tired, completely unoriginal Valentine Day dates? Well, look no further, this list is for you! 1. A Public Space and a “Love Board” If you love love and enjoy socializing with new people and engaging in conversations, this is the perfect Valentine’s date for you and your significant other. Buy […]

Father’s Day is this Sunday and while most people go all out for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day seems to get the short end of stick. With all of the talk about “dead beat dad’s” and absent fathers, should mothers get acknowledged on Father’s Day if the man is absent from the child’s life? Many argue that […]

According to the New York Post, a  passenger was tossed off a plane at La Guardia Airport on Tuesday after flipping out — because airline workers wished him a Merry Christmas. The man was waiting to board American Airlines Flight 1140 to Dallas when a cheerful gate agent began welcoming everyone with the Yuletide greeting while […]

Since the American colonies declared independence from Great Britain in 1776, there have been questions of what that independence means for America’s black citizens. As…

Magic 98.9 WXMG would like to say happy birthday to the late great Luther Vandross. Luther epitomized “Love” and through his heart and his voice he spread love to many and many have fell in love via his music. There will be no other like him and love will live through his music for ages. […]