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Pets Of The Week: Littles & Sue

Source: courtesy of Henrico Humane Society

If you were thinking of feeding your pets some of your precious Halloween treats, don’t do it, reconsider! Experts say that your fur babies could get very sick if you feed them candy.

Jack o lantern pumpkin with candy

Source: Stock Image is warning pet parents about allowing their animals to indulge in the sweet treats and encourage you not to give them chocolate. Chocolate contains compounds that are toxic to pets and can cause many problems– even death. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous. Despite the cliche of cats drinking a bowl of milk, experts warn that cats are generally lactose-intolerant and might experience an upset stomach or diarrhea after consuming any candy containing milk. Your pets also should not eat grapes or raisins– both can potentially cause kidney failure in dogs– and be sure your pet doesn’t chow down of any candy containing xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener and is toxic to dogs.

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