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In this day and age people are always doing things to get likes.  More often then some want to admit, if it is something negative folks are all for hitting like or share.  And if it is something positive folks will make it rain negativity in the comments.  Well comedian Tiffany Haddish isn’t trippin on the blessing that some want to make a negative thing, as a matter of fact she has a question for the Debbie Downers.

Folks were coming for Blueface for making it rain on Skid Row in Downtown L.A. for the  holidays saying that it was degrading to throw money in the air and have people running around to get it.

When Tiffany Haddish was asked about it, she says what Blueface did wasn’t an unusual scene for her but she doesn’t see people complaining when naked women are running around grabbing money off the floor after some man made it rain.  As a matter of fact Tiffany say’s look what would have been insulting is if Blueface was through dollar bills in the air instead of $100 dollar bills, you don’t know that could have got someone a place to stay for the night.  Tiffany isn’t knocking anyone’s blessing, no matter how the blessing comes.


Take a look at the video below

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