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Does your little one have problems trying to make friends with other kids? Don’t worry parents, every child is not meant to be a social butterfly but if it’s really concerning you, here are 5 tips to help your child make friends.

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According to, here are a few tips to help you assess the situation and give your child a much-needed boost of confidence in approaching social situations:


  1. Take time to observe and understand how your child socializes.. Start with a “fly on the wall” technique. Attend a few activities at school (or sports after school) and pay close attention to how your child interacts with others. Does he behave differently than his “norm” at home? If so, why?.. Depending on what behavior you see, you can then decide where to focus your attention,
  2. Model positive social behavior… Children really do learn by example, so be mindful of how you interact with others.
  3. Role play at home..If your pre-teen or teenager finds it difficult to start conversations at lunch or during free time at school, sit down and practice at home. Discuss what topics interest him that he might talk about with other kids.
  4. Give your child a head start.. if your child has outside interest like swimming or basketball..put them in the program so they can be around kids with the same interest.
  5. Don’t compare your child to yourself or other siblings.. Be realistic about your child’s unique personality and temperament,..Just because you have dozens of friends doesn’t mean your child will, too.

Hopefully, those few tips will help your child to get out of their shell a little and encourage them to create friendships. For more tips, click here.