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We have now become well aware of the fact that teen vaping has become an epidemic. According to the CDC, teen vaping has grown so much that in just one year, e-cigarette use among middle schoolers increased by 48 percent and among high schoolers by 78 percent. Wow! Are you struggling with a teen who is addicted to vaping? Here are a few tips that may help them to stop, according to

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1. Get your teenager talking.

Vaping is easy to hide because it doesn’t give off an odor so you have to get your teen to open up and talk to see if they’re doing it or not. Rather than asking your teen directly (You’re JUULing, aren’t you?), ask nonjudgmental questions, maybe while you’re driving somewhere, such as: I keep hearing about JUULing. Are your friends doing that?; Is it popular at school?; What do you think about it?; and How safe do you think it is?

2. Weave in the facts.

Tell them all the risks and the facts about the damage that vaping does. Be prepared to hear that JUULing isn’t a big deal. Many teens don’t realize, for example, that all JUUL pods contain nicotine—as much as a pack of cigarettes.

3. Appeal to their desire to be their own boss.

Appeal to your teen’s natural sense of rebellion. Talk to teens about how the vaping industry is manipulating them by making JUUL pods in flavors that appeal to young consumers and you’re falling for it.

4. Help your teen get help.

Use your resources. You can order nicotine urine testing kits online. Randomly test them a few times a month. There is also a teen smoking cessation program called, ‘This is Quitting’ and your teen can enroll by texting “QUIT” to 706-222-QUIT. The program delivers tailored messages via text that give age-appropriate quitting advice.

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