John Legend Common Oscars

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

The 2020 Oscar’s air this Sunday, (February 9th), and all everyone that is nominated for directing and acting accolades are getting the complete hook up in this years Oscar’s Swag Bag!

According to, this years swag bag is rumored to be worth $148 thousand dollars! Wow! The bad is allegedly stuffed with all kinds of goodies like a 12-day trip on the Scenic Eclipse luxury yacht; accommodations at the Faro Cumplida lighthouse in Spain, the Auberge resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico, and the Waikiki Beachcomber in Honolulu; plus a wellness weekend at the 3d Wellness Retreat in Malibu, Calif. Nominees are also welcomed to visit the Golden Door and Origin Stretch and Spa spas in California. If you need a little work done, the bag supposedly has  $25,000 worth of treatments and rejuvenation cosmetic procedures.

That’s not all, the bag comes with custom-designed bullet-resistant doors from Remo Security Doors and a 24-karat gold-finished vape pen, a unique, guided cannabis-infused chocolate tasting experience for eight adults (ages 21 and up) and year of membership with British matchmaking agency Drawing Down the Moon, which includes “coaching, headhunting, and introductions to our other highly eligible members,” booze and much more.

Nominees must pay income tax for the monetary value of their accepted gifts.


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