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Tax season is upon us and you might be in need of purchasing a vehicle for yourself or for that new graduate of yours. There are of great cars out there as well as plenty of vultures that won’t mind taking your money and selling you a lemon, as-is, with no warranty. Here are a few tips to help you choose a vehicle that’s in great shape.

Mechanic explains problem to customer

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According to Facebook user @ralphlauren, there are a few things you can do to lessen your chances of purchasing a dud.

1. Test drive it at least 10 miles and make sure you get it up to highway speeds so you can tell if the transmissions slipping.

2 .Don’t turn the vehicle off after your through with the test drive, let it run for at least 30 minutes and check the temperature gauge to make sure it doesn’t have a blown head gasket and overheating.

3. Pop the hood, and look for leaking fluids.

4. Be sure to listen close for  knocking or tapping sounds.

5. Keep the radio off during test drive and AC on max to ensure that it gets cold and does not need freon.

6. When in doubt, take it to your mechanic for a full diagnostic.

7. Get the history of the vehicle through a carfax vehicle report.

People love to mess over people who don’t know their stuff this time of the year. Most important part, DON’T RUSH THE PURCHASE!

Happy Shopping!