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Graduation season is almost here and your teen may not know what they want to do with their future just yet. Choosing a college major is a huge and daunting experience and many people change majors in the midst of their college journey. If your kid is still struggling with the decision, here are a few tips to help you and your soon to be graduate along.


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  1. Pick a major based on abilities- Understanding what areas you have skills in and which areas could use work is a great way to start the elimination process don’t discount the fields where you lack ability just yet;
  2. Pick a major based on values- a major based on your core beliefs will normally lead to work that is more rewarding and encouraging.
  3. Pick a major based on interests- Following your passions, whatever they may be, is one of the best ways to choose a major, and it generally has the least second-guessing later on.
  4. Will you still enjoy it years from now? Not something only their young self will enjoy but something with longevity.. Is it employable? Will it pay? Will it be around later in life?
  5. Lastly, I’m personally a huge proponent of trade schools! Is your child’s interest more of a skill or a trade? Do they need a 4 year college that has tons of student loan debt or can they accomplish success in a trade school that is way less expensive and puts those skills straight into the workforce.

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