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Ahmaud Arbery

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This story just keeps getting more heartbreaking as it unfolds. Turns out, there was much more to the viral video that the world saw of Ahmaud Arbery being hunted down and killed by 2 white men just for jogging through a neighborhood. The latest video show that he was chased down for over four minutes.

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According to, the Arbery’s family attorney, S. Lee Merritt, says there is video that shows Arbery being chased for over four minutes by William Roddie Bryant, Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael, before his death. Bryan reportedly recorded the leaked video showing the moments Arbery was shot and killed, which gained national attention.

Activist Shaun King posted the message below to his social media:

Arebery family attorney posted this message to his social media saying how the local police told the homeoener to contact McMichael if he had any action at his construction site.

The caption said, “It’s garage week. OFFICER ROBERT RASH told the homeowner Larry English to contact Gregory McMichael if he had “any action” on the cameras at his construction site. Gregory McMichael and his son formed an armed posse on at least two occasions in full knowledge of the GLYNN COUNTY PD on Feb 11, 2020 and Feb 23, 2020. The posse that Rash encouraged eventually murdered #AhmaudArbery. Rash said nothing about his text message to English until it was released last week. Knowing that he told English to contact the McMichaels and that the McMichaels organized men with guns to hunt down Ahmaud In February— he kept quiet. He is still at work today. This is his week too. Go to @grassrootslaw for updates from @shaunking#justiceforahmaud.”

A statement from the family attorney will be released this afternoon. For more details, click here.