There is a new and disturbing video that has gone viral! L.A. County sheriffs are seen pointing guns at the three black teenagers that they were called to help. They kept their guns drawn on the teens even after witnesses and bystanders told them that the boys were the actual victims. Check out the footage […]

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Stevie Wonder posted a video on social media, titled “The Universe Is Watching” in which he spoke at length on race relations in the country and how America can move beyond what he believes is Donald Trump’s overt race baiting and prejudice. Check out what the legend had to say below: In the video, Wonder quoted from […]

This story just keeps getting more heartbreaking as it unfolds. Turns out, there was much more to the viral video that the world saw of Ahmaud Arbery being hunted down and killed by 2 white men just for jogging through a neighborhood. The latest video show that he was chased down for over four minutes. […]

I just said to myself last night that things are pretty quiet between R. Kelly’s girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage and now the bottom is falling out once again. Azriel is talking and she is making some shocking claims in a new documentary about what R. Kelly forced her to do on camera. You’re […]

There is a viral video circulating the internet that has everyone gasping and asking, ‘Is she Okay?’ An exotic dancer was in the middle of routine when she somehow lost her grip and fell extremely hard to the floor. It left the whole club speechless. Check out the fall below: The dancers name is @ganea_sky […]

The Queen B is back at it again! Beyonce is promoting her new Ivy Park X Adidas Collection Hard. She dropped a new video teaser to get fans ready for its release on January 18th. Check out the clip below: According to Pulse of Radio, in a recent interview with Elle, Bey said about the line, […]

It looks like this is really the beginning of the end in the R. Kelly saga. His two live in girlfriends got into a physical fight at his Trump Tower Condo on Instagram live. Reports say that Joycelyn Savage got upset with Azriel Clary when she brought in a male family friend to help her […]

Chris Brown is back on the scene and this time he brought Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy along with him to star in the official music video for their brand new collaboration “Wobble Up.”   According to, the track marks the third single, following “Back to Love” and “Undecided,” off the 30-year-old singer’s upcoming ninth album, […]


Did you know that before rapping, Offset’s first love was dancing? He even danced background in a Whitney Houston video. Check out the video below: A young Offset was only 10 years old when he pop locked his way through a dance scene in the Whitney Houston’s video for her song titled, “Whatchulookinat” according to […]

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This is just getting worst and worst. We hate to report these types of situations but there is now a video that may be confirming the violence between rapper Fabolous and girlfriend Emily B. In the video below you will see Fab threatening her father and say things like “I got a bullet with your […]

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The singer says he was a victim of extortion. The internet’s reaction to the video showing R&B singer Bobby V running out of a transgender woman’s apartment has been outrageous. Now the singer is trying to change the narrative and share his side of the story. Bobby’s reps told TMZ, “the R&B singer vehemently denies […]

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United Airlines is the latest brand to be blasted after a shocking video has gone viral of a man being forcibly lifted from his seat, dragged down the aisle and removed from a plane. The incident took place on Sunday night at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago as frightened passengers screamed and recorded on the […]