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Bellaire Schools Superintendent Darren Jenkins says that a number of his students took their annual trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and came back with way more then just a tan. They tested positive for COVID-19. The numbers are unclear, and it was a diverse group.

More than just Ohio students returned home with the virus. Myrtle Beach Sun News posted this video below:

According to, the Department of Health Commissioner, Rob Sproul, posted, “91 people went to Myrtle Beach. 45 are Belmont County residents. Already 14 have tested positive. Our COVID 19 numbers were slowing down. And now this. This is not what we wanted.”

Bellaire Schools Superintendent Darren Jenkins said, “There were graduating seniors from our district and Shadyside and other places. There were underclassmen, and there were those who had graduated several years ago.”

So Bellaire has suspended all extracurricular activities for the time being, and has closed the buildings to everyone.

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