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Lockdown has given us a lot of at home time with our families, which is a great thing. Many parents are taking advantage of that time by investing into their kids. Here are a list of some of the top ways parents are bonding with their children.

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According SWNS, a new survey asked people to name the top ways they’ve bonded with their kids in quarantine and here are the top answers:

1.  Playing games with them.   52% said they’ve done more of it.

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2.  Showing them one of your favorite movies, 45%.


3.  Exposing them to an old TV show you like, 41%.

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4.  Letting them help in the kitchen, 39%.


5.  Talking and listening to them more, 37%.

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6.  More playtime in general, 37%.


7.  Playing video games together, 36%.

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8.  Reading books together, 35%.


9.  Exposing them to your favorite music, 34%.

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10.  Teaching them about one of your hobbies, 31%.

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