Lockdown has given us a lot of at home time with our families, which is a great thing. Many parents are taking advantage of that time by investing into their kids. Here are a list of some of the top ways parents are bonding with their children. According SWNS, a new survey asked people to […]


Hey Parents, have you talked to your graduating senior about their plans for college and how soon they plan to start? With all the uncertainties, a large percentage of seniors are opting to take a gap year and begin their freshman year of college in 2021. According to BusinessInsider, a lot of graduating high school […]

Hey Parents! Need a break from the kiddos while you try to work from home? You might need a ‘Virtual Babysitter.‘ In a time of social distancing you should know you can at least hire a babysitter via video chat. Sittercity is a website that helps people find babysitters, virtually. How does it work? The […]

May is quickly approaching and that means high school graduations are near and there will be plenty of parents who will become empty nesters for the very first time. That can be very scary, lonely, and down right nerve racking to know that you soon may not have input on their kids lives on a […]


  The usually quiet neighborhood of Colchester Road in Upper Arlington is certainly missing a friendly voice. “It’s going to be very strange not having him around,” Mary Keyes said about James Roth. According to Upper Arlington Police, 61-year-old James Roth and his wife, 60-year-old Elizabeth Roth, both were allegedly shot by their daughter on […]

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Children today have mastered grabbing your phone and getting on YouTube as young as 2 years old. Technology has become something the young generation has continuously master while the older generation still struggle to adjust. ‘ Through all of the madness, one thing a parent is always working towards is protecting her child from anything […]

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A Tennessee couple is facing child abuse charges after allegedly trying to sell their baby on Craigslist. Reportedly, John Cain and Deanna Greer were both charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect. Deputies said, the couple posted an ad on Craigslist offering to sell the 5-month-old child for $3,000.00  Undercover state agents responded […]

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Two parents are under fire for leaving their three kids unattended on a mall bench. Jean Seide, 39, and Bilaine Seint-Just, 36, had to work janitor shifts at the Eastview Mall in Victor, New York. According to Spectrum News, their eight-year-old, six-year-old, and one month old were left alone for about six hours. Employees of […]


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – Activists are banding together in support of Harambe by creating a petition to pass ‘Harambe’s Law.’ The petition states the law would give legal consequences when an endangered animal is harmed or killed due to the negligence of visitors. As of Tuesday morning, the petition has more than 106,000 supporters. Once it reaches enough signatures, its author – […]

Football season may be over, but Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants just logged another win.

The Georgia parents who say their sons attempted to kill them two weeks ago are now standing by the boys who allegedly drugged and attacked…

Parenting can really be a pain sometimes- for your teens! Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders list some of the most common ways…