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If your a tall guy, you may want to read this. Tall people might be more likely to contract COVID-19, according to a new study.

According to the DailyMail, data from 2,000 people in the U.K. and U.S. shows that men over 6-feet tall were twice as likely to be diagnosed with the virus. Women the same height also faced higher odds, but there were so few in the study the result about them is not considered reliable.

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Scientists say the findings do not necessarily mean that taller people are somehow more genetically prone to the virus, but it could be a sign that the virus is spread through tiny particles in the air that linger after being exhaled. They note that tall people would not be at higher risk if the virus was spread through sneezing or coughing, which produce larger droplets that fall to the ground more quickly. Earlier this month World Health Organization scientists admitted there is “evidence emerging” that the coronavirus can be spread through the air.

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