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New brands popping up at Sephora is like sweet music to us product junkies’ ears, and thanks to the 2021 Sephora Accelerated class – the music just got sweeter!  Sephora recently introduced eight new Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) brands through their Accelerate incubation program that will be hitting their shelves soon, and we’ve got the scoop on a couple you should put on your radar!         

When most of us think of our hair, we tend to neglect the needs of our scalp.  And one Black woman is setting out to put an end to the scalp neglect with her brand, Imania BeautyImania Beauty’s belief is that healthy hair begins at the roots.  Her multi-purpose oil tackles scalp issues as well as moisturizes the hair.  Her oil is infused with her herbs, CBD, and silkening oils that nourish and well as treat the scalp and hair.  Imania Beauty was founded by beauty influencer Nia Wellman.  She connected with her audience on YouTube through maintaining her curly tresses.  She probed her audience on their hair needs and after tons of feedback and research, she created Imania Beauty.  

Another brand to look out for in Sephora is Topicals by Olamide Olowe and co-founder, Claudia Teng.  Olamide and Claudia are tackling the need for a slew of skin products to correct skin issues by keeping it simple and going with the less-is-more approach. This brand was born on the fact that Olamide and Claudia both suffered from skin conditions and felt excluded from beauty conversations when they were growing up.  Topicals are appropriate for all skin types.  The brand goes beyond the beauty and skin care labels and prides itself on being medicated botanicals that are synthetic fragrance and dye-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.  Products like the dark-spot-eliminating Faded gel and hydration-boosting Like Butter mask are known to sell out quickly so get in on this innovative brand as soon as possible.

The other brands that completed the 2021 Sephora Accelerated program and will launching at the popular store soon are 54 Thrones by Christina Funke TegbeEadem by Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Lin Glover, Glory by Alisia Michelle Ford, Hyper by Desiree Verdejo, Kulfi by Priyanka Ganjoo, and Ries by Meghan Graham.        


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