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Yusef Salaam spent years of his life in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. Salaam is a member of the “exonerated five.” When Salaam was “wrongly convicted” he “leaned on his faith,” to get through D.L. says. Now, the country is in the middle of a crisis and  fearful but also faithful. Salaam calls what we’re going through a “crisis of faith” and encourages people to “turn toward faith in a more powerful way” because we can’t see the end. D.L. says we’re doing and seeing the exact opposite of what we have been doing and how we have been living. For years we have been living with other people and leaning on other people and now “we’re locked in our own homes by ourselves,” Salaam explains. “There’s a balance in life that we have to maintain, and we can’t make ourselves so afraid of the unknown” so we can’t destroy ourselves during this, now we have to “strengthen” ourselves. Use this time to reflect on yourself and decide who you will be once this is all over.

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