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According to NBC4i, Ohioans who get someone pregnant unintentionally may have to reach deep into their pockets – and stand before a judge – if new legislation succeeds.

Weeks after Ohio’s six-week abortion ban took effect, state Sen. Tina Maharath (D-Columbus) introduced a bill Thursday to allow pregnant people to sue a sexual partner for causing an unintended pregnancy, ostensibly to level the playing field when it comes to the steep costs of pregnancy.

“Too often, this cost is solely the mother’s to bear, especially in the case of an unintended pregnancy,” Maharath said in a release. “However, the father shares equal responsibility for the pregnancy and it is only right that he pays equally for it.”

Under Senate Bill 262, pregnant Ohioans can file a civil suit no later than five years after conception against whoever caused them to have an unintended pregnancy – and anyone who “aids or abets” the impregnator – regardless of the circumstances.

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