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Tyre Nichols Family Holds Press Conference

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D.L. Hughley kicks off his week as guests host on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show discussing the tragic killing of Tyree Nichols by Memphis Police officers. In his commentary, Hughley explains to the audience that while many were shocked at what they saw on the police body cams and surveillance footage, Black people were not too surprised. Hughley says “the only people who are probably shocked by this are people who haven’t been paying attention but for us, that’s just a like a flashback. So those videos are like so commonplace you it’s hard to be shocked.”

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The comedian and radio show host also goes in on news companies who promoted the release of the video like it was ratings week. Hughley gave his thoughts on the issue saying “it was like they were rolling out a new movie release brought to you from the people that bought you, George Floyd and Rodney King.”

Daily Show contributor and comedian Roy Wood Jr joined Hughley to talk about Memphis’ “elite” police force known as the Scorpion Unit.







You can watch D.L. Hughley from January 30th to February 2nd on Comedy Central as guest hosts The Daily Show. Check your local listings or check highlights on YouTube.

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