With the NAACP recently jumping on board to boycott the Arizona immigration law, some are feeling that we have enough of our own problems to think about. With so much going on in our own neighborhoods do we need to put our resources and energy into this issue in Arizona? Here is more insight into the situation.


Last week, the NAACP joined the boycott against Arizona. Why? Because, apparently, black people must jump onto every “civil rights” bandwagon that goes by.

What does AZ SB-1070 – a crackdown on illegal immigration – have to do with African-Americans? And why do our premiere organizations and “black leaders” feel the need to stand on the frontlines fighting against it?

At the risk of sounding uncharacteristically callous, I have to wonder why we’re out spending resources, doing TV appearances, boycotting cities and overall fighting battles that are wholly unrelated to the progress of African-Americans when our own war hasn’t been won.

This Arizona boycott is only a good example of what we do all the time. Whether we’re talking about Proposition 8 or illegal immigration, why are we – as Black people – dragged into every fight? READ MORE