Wayfair employees are planning a walkout today (June 26th)! the employees are standing up for their rights and have a walkout planned at the online furniture retailer’s corporate headquarters to protest the company selling furniture to be used in immigration detention facilities at the border.   According to, plans for the walkout began after […]

Canada recently passed a law that allow people to have cannabis. There was a Canadian Investor headed to a Cannabis Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada and received a lifetime ban from the United States. He has a shop in LAs Vegas and has and was banned on Nov. 14. There is a-lot of speculation around […]

Pastor Burns may need to go back to Bible study ASAP! Leave it to our sis Joy-Ann Reid to drag people for the filth they are. She was at it again when so-called Pastor Mark Burns try to defend President Donald Trump and his “shithole” comments. First, Reid corrected him when the colored-contact wearing pastor […]

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has pledged to crack down on undocumented immigrants.

If Donald Trump's America isn't so great for you, consider taking your talents global.

Former President Barack Obama (OMG! We miss you so much, you don’t even know!) wants to make it clear that President Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” is not based on policy from his presidency. According to the Washington Post, Trump claimed that his new immigration executive order is a lot like a 2011 ban on Iraqi […]

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach met with Trump on Sunday and gave the world an unintentional glimpse at the written plan for the Department of Homeland Security.


According to Fox 28, a Central Ohio immigration attorney said her phone was ringing off the hook and she was bombarded with texts and emails following President Obama’s speech to the nation Thursday night. Julie Nemecek said undocumented immigrants want to know how the plan affects them. “It’s a huge beginning and it affects 4.9 million people, who will […]

The former host of ‘106th + Park’, Rocsi Diaz, is making her directorial debut in “The Secrets of Strangers,” a public service announcement that chronicles…

04/09/14 – Roland Martin talks to Katie O’Brien about the investigative docu-series Al Jazeera America has launched on the controversial topic of immigration. “We’re trying to…

  *U.S. Rep. John Lewis was arrested Tuesday in front of the Capitol during a protest advocating reform of the nation’s immigration laws. The Atlanta…

With the NAACP recently jumping on board to boycott the Arizona immigration law, some are feeling that we have enough of our own problems to think about. With so much going on in our own neighborhoods do we need to put our resources and energy into this issue in Arizona? Here is more insight into […]