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Source: Jane Gershovich / Getty

There are very few people you’d like to get into an altercation with than a retired NFL player whose nickname is Beastmode.

Former running back Marshawn Lynch reportedly got into an altercation with a fan outside a Seattle-area bar over the weekend.

The alleged disagreement began when the fan, Jose Lozano, saw Lynch inside downtown Seattle’s Xtadium bar on Sunday around 1:30 a.m. Lozano approached him for a photo, but his entourage said, “No pictures.”

However, Lozano’s a huge Seahawks fan and wouldn’t simply take no for an answer, so he waited to catch him again outside the bar before heading home for the night.

Upon approaching him again, a video provided to TMZ shows him yelling, “Marshawn! Beastmode! Let me a take a–” before Lynch appears to swipe the phone out of Lozano’s hand.

Lozano tells TMZ that after the video cut, Lynch grabbed the iPhone and yelled, “Y’all motherf-ckers are weird.”

The legendary Seahawk reportedly broke the phone with his hands, and Lozano eventually got it back. Lozano’s such a big fan of Lynch that despite the cracked phone, he’s got no plans of snitching to the cops.

“Lozano tells us he didn’t realize his phone — an iPhone 14 that he purchased just a few months ago — was broken until several minutes had passed, but he said he has no intentions of going to police now over the incident because he’s such a huge fan … although he did say he wished Lynch hadn’t been so ‘rude,’” writes TMZ.

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