As (some of) you know, this Sunday is Father’s Day. The one day out of the year we let dad sit in his favorite recliner, give him the remote & let him eat the big piece of chicken. In today’s society, our father’s (& good men in general) are not championed or appreciated as much as they should. They’re grouped together, generalized & stereotyped as lazy, passive & irresponsible. Let me say, that I do agree that there are a large percentage of PEOPLE (not just men) that inhabit those characteristics very well. But this week, I decided to take the time out to spotlight the male species; who are we? What makes us tick? What do we want? While I don’t have all the answers, I do hope to provide a glimmer of insight into our dominion.

We all agree that women, more specifically mothers, are an integral part of our lives. They carry us around for 9 months, feed us & change our diapers. They are our very first example of what love looks like. However, there are some things that a woman just cannot do, and this is where a man comes in. Based off my personal experience, I would say that men provide children with their identity.

To a young boy, his father is an example of strength, responsibility & leadership. Men show you how to effectively wear different hats. How to discipline & be stern & still love; how to show affection without being perceived as feminine. How to be a balanced member of society. How to run his own household when he obtains one. READ MORE