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There are times in our lives where our faith is tested. If you have not been introduced to God then you may find it harder to believe in his teachings and things that happen in the world may provide for doubt, and loss of faith.

I believe that this is the time when God reaches out to you through someone or something. What would you tell a person who is feeling like this? How can someone’s faith be restored or strengthened?

Check out this article I read over at the freshxpress.


Religion and I have a strange relationship.

I believe in God and consider myself a Christian. My church attendance is sporadic based on the state of mind I’m in at the moment. And I pray far less than I should as a believer.

I have a lot of unanswered questions. Furthermore, there are facts about Christianity and the Bible that make me question the religion as I would question anything else. It is fact the Bible contradicts itself, was written by man, translated multiple times, is rooted in sexism, is a newer religion in comparison to others and it has been used to justify horrendous atrocities on the planet.

With that said, it is hard for me to imagine my life devoid of God. Oftentimes I feel guilty for questioning the validity of the Bible and God. It’s a constant battle between my psyche that tends to question everything and my belief in a higher being.

In thinking about religion I think about relationships with people who have different beliefs. READ MORE