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While oil washed onto the shores of Florida, Democrats got wiped out of the House and Glenn Beck brought the Tea Party to Washington, Black Planet members were equally busy debating how these stories were not only affecting them but impacting the future of African Americans. However, none of that really matters because what bubbled up to the top of our most active list was far from discussion on Capitol Hill. Take a look below to see who and what moved the meter on Black Planet. Recognize yourself or any of your friends on our list?

Most Popular Profile

Member MZHONEEBROWN squashed the competition with her little high heel and climbed to the very top of our most popular profile list. A quick visit to her page and you’ll understand why. She’s a single mother, author, dental professional and still finds time to stay connected to thousands of her friends on Black Planet. If Black Planet had a list of 30 people doing big things under 30, she’d get our nomination.

Most Popular Political Figure

President Barack Obama has taken a lot of heat lately from Republicans, members of his own party and the BP community if you ever visit the Current Events boards. However, you still couldn’t stop yourself from clicking on his profile page and that makes him the most popular political figure in our community.

Most Helpful Member

Member Nuage was recognized as a BlackPlanet Rising Member of the Month for a reason. While you were sleeping she was busy sending aid to Haiti. Yeah, we think she’s a saint, too.

Sexiest Destination

We think we have some of the most attractive members and now you can confirm what makes them so sexy in our quiz. What’s Your Sexiest Quality answers the big question: what about you drives the opposite sex (or same sex) wild.  This is where we make that annoying cat purring sound.

Want to see what else topped the list? Check out the photo gallery below.