Year In Review

COVID-19 made the world stop, including the numerous red carpet events, movie premiers, and matter of fact practically every celebrity event that we normally look to see our favorites stunting in the hottest looks.  For the first time, many events like the Met Gala were canceled and people were quarantined to their homes leaving most […]

Rumors that Beyonce is in currently in labor are swirling but that didn't stop Bey from announcing her 10 favorite tunes of 2011! Of course, hubby Jay made the list which was posted to her website Beyonce Online.

The ladies of The View had some pretty interesting moments in 2010. From LL Cool J working out with Sherri Shepherd–literally–to asking President Obama about Jersey Shore girl Snookie, they knew how to make headlines. But what they do best is argue, with each other and their guests. TVSquad has compiled their most  entertaining arguments […]

While oil washed onto the shores of Florida, Democrats got wiped out of the House and Glenn Beck brought the Tea Party to Washington, Black Planet members were equally busy debating how these stories were not only affecting them but impacting the future of African Americans. However, none of that really matters because what bubbled […]

There is so much music that comes out per year that it’s almost impossible to keep track. While we’ve been chiming in on some releases that most folks at least heard about I think there are some CDs that tragically went unnoticed in 2010.

Happy Holidays to you.  Thanks so much for your support in 2010.  We’re looking to bring you an even bigger year in 2011.  Keep listening for a few special announcements coming up.  Let’s go back and remember the biggest songs of 2010 as you heard them on Magic 98.9.  All songs included in this survey […]

What do Antoine Dodson, Amare Stoudemire and Lil’Kim have in common? They’re all a part of my favorite celebs list for 2010!

Alvin Greene The most covered political candidate in 2010 was Alvin Greene. The South Carolina upstart was the first African-American to be nominated by a major party in South Carolina. He won the Democratic Primary over Vic Rawls, but failed in the general election. He is considering a 2012 run for President of the United […]

The year is coming to an end; and with so many stories posted on this site; it’s easy to forget where some of our best discussions came from. But, as always, we were able to track down our top 10 most commented stories for the year. Take a look at some of the back and […]

Below are our choices for the ten most important stories of the past year. When we say important, we’d like to stress that they caught the attention of the American public for an extended period of time, as well as news outlets. They are in no particular order.

In the age of the internet, everyone has a video camera to record those moments some would consider funny, and the moments others would consider tearjerkers. Below is a mix of those from a kid with down syndrome scoring a touchdown,  a soccer player missing one of the easiest goal shots ever, and last but […]

Countless people have had to put their foot in their mouth after publicly saying offensive things. Check out the most controversial statements of 2010.