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Let’s be real: We’ve all had moments when we’ve been so sick of dealing with a pimple that we succumbed to the pressure and popped it. Don’t worry, we won’t judge! Pimple-popping is the ultimate beauty faux pas, so finding a better solution is vital for keeping your skin in tip-top shape. Enter the answer to our prayers: the pimple patch!

In case you’ve been out of the loop, pimple patches are small, adhesive bandages that work to treat various signs of acne. The skincare essential provides a protective seal so blemishes won’t worsen. Plus, you can easily fight the urge to squeeze the life out of pimples with ease.

Charlotte- and NYC-based esthetician Essence Moore advocates for folks using pimple patches with a balanced skincare routine. “Pimple patches absolutely work for treating your everyday blemish,” Essence said. So, if you have a pimple that pops up out of the blue, a pimple patch will come in handy.”

This skincare essential is available in two formulas: hydrocolloid and non-hydrocolloid. A hydrocolloid pimple patch (bandage) draws out dirt, oil, and debris from pimples without the mess. They also come in clutch to heal the affected area, especially if you’re guilty of pimple-popping. Conversely, non-hydrocolloid patches don’t necessarily pull any bacteria from your pimples. They work to deliver acne-fighting ingredients to the area to lessen the size of the blemish and help it subside over time.

Luckily, various options on the market combine the powers of a traditional hydrocolloid patch and acne-fighting ingredients to kill two birds with one stone. And, of course, you have either option to suit your needs.

Now that you know better, it’s time to do better. If you’re ready to leave the pimple-popping days behind you for good, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled five pimple patch brands perfect for shooing blemishes away. Happy Shopping!

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1. Curology Emergency Spot Patches

Source:Courtesy of Curology/Instagram

If you don’t know about Curology, it’s time to find out. The brand’s Emergency Spot Patches ($9.99, truly live up to the hype. The hydrocolloid find is fast-acting and only needs 6 to 12 hours for best results. Aside from these patches being dermatologist-approved, they are super-thin which makes them easy to wear under makeup. Plus, the patches are sweatproof and waterproof, so slippage will not be a factor.

2. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch The Original

Source:Courtesy of Hero Cosmetics/Instagram

Folks well-versed with pimple patches are likely aware of the Hero Cosmetics brand. The brand, a mainstay on social media, is known for helping people achieve clearer-looking skin in no time. The Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch ($10.99, boasts strong adhesion for wild sleepers, helps to flatten the size of zits in 6 to 8 eight hours, and removes bacteria from blemishes without any irritation.

3. Mario Badescu Drying Patch

Source:Courtesy of Mario Badescu/Instagram

For those who suffer from hard, painful bumps below the skin (cystic acne), add Mario Badescu’s Dry Patch ($17, to your vanity. Unlike hydrocolloid patches that work to suck out all the dirt and debris from your blemishes, this offering contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as niacinamide, tea tree, and salicylic acid that can help calm irritation and redness and help those pesky bumps subside.

4. Real Beauty Miracle Patch

Source:Courtesy of Real Beauty/Instagram

Another brand worth putting on your radar is Real Beauty. The bran’s Miracle Patch ($7.59+, features a medical-grade hydrocolloid that instantly absorbs pus from acne and whiteheads in a snap. Plus, I also love that it comes in two sizes, 10mm patches for small zits and pimples and 12mm for larger acne spots. Best of all, this number is suitable for all skin types.

5. ZitSticka Killa Deep Zit Microdart Pimple Patch

Source:Courtesy of ZitSticka/Instagram

Last but certainly not least, we have the ZitSticka Killa Deep Zit Microdart Pimple Patch ($19.59, The kit comes equipped with cleansing swabs used to cleanse the affected area and self-dissolving micro dart patches that release acne-fighting ingredients that melt within two hours of application. This offering works to clear out all signs of dirt, oil, and debris on the skin to keep acne in check.