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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser and Suzette’s relationship came to a screeching halt. Now, he’s back in NYC to get his shops back on track.

Single Ceaser Is Back

Ceaser is back in NYC for good after breaking up with Suzette while her fraudulent cheeks recover after undergoing emergency surgery and moving out of their Atlanta home. Now single and on the prowl, he announces he will devote his time to his first “wife,” his Black Ink business, to open up a tattoo shop in every state. Good luck with that. Anyway, he is back in the shop and tells the crew his first order of business is to hire some new employees. Ceaser stupidly enlists disgraced 9 MAG artist, now Black Ink Houston manager  Van, Alex, and Spyder, to handle the interview process.

When it comes time for the interview, the trio talks to three individuals asking them a series of dumb questions before deciding they are all good enough to come back for a second interview. When Ceaser meets them, he is not impressed by any of them, and we shall see if they stick around for future episodes.

Tatti Needs To Get Her Priorities In Order

Current Black Ink employee Tatti is disgruntled because she feels she is nothing more than a glorified receptionist and isn’t being used to her full potential. Tatti wants to open up a Black Ink shop in Long Island near her home but is BIG MAD because of the legal drama she is currently embroiled in and wants to talk to Ceaser about her future with the company.

That opportunity comes when Ceaser visits the often forgotten 125th shop, and he is impressed with how Tatti is running it. The two discuss the potential shop in Long Island, and Ceaser tells her that’s not going to happen because there is a STRONG possibility she will be going to jail. For those who need a refresher, Tatti allegedly was moving cocaine through her Long Island home and looking at some serious jail time. Tatti is not happy to hear what Ceaser had to say, but the tattoo shop mogul is correct.

Later in the episode, Tatti comes to her senses and realizes that Ceaser would be stupid to open up a new shop with a person who could be looking at a long stint in jail. She has another conversation with Ceaser, explaining to him that she agrees and understands his hesitancy to open up a new shop with her.

Young Bae Has A New Boo

Young Bae’s struggle with love has been well documented on the show, especially with her ex and the father of her child. We learned she has finally decided to move on and is dating Jay, whom we quickly learn was a producer on the show. Jay got the boot after confirming they were dating with an Instagram post. Jay seems very much into Bae, and she’s into him, they even live together, but we can’t help but see some red flags with this guy.

Also, Bae’s mom is coming to New York for a visit, and the couple is very nervous about how Momma Bae will receive the news that she has a new boyfriend.

Ceaser Confronts Alex About His Shady Instagram Comments

While “working out,” Ceasers trainer, terrible acting and all bring to his client’s attention that his notifications are going off. Everyone is mentioning Ceaser under a post because Alex claims that Ceaser had nothing to do with his growth. “I appreciate the first part. The second part you buggin,” Alex wrote, and Ceaser is not happy to see his employee talking smack about him.

Ceaser uses the BBQ at the shop to confront Alex about the comment. Alex explains that the comment was taken out of context and said that he didn’t like the fact person said Ceaser “made him,” but he does acknowledge that Ceaser did help him along the way. The two men hash things out, but Ceaser’s energy was completely different during his confessional.

Ceaser also had a conversation with Puma and Teddy because he feels they are dropping the ball when running the shops. Ceaser was unhappy to hear that Puma had time to go to Atlanta for a glamping trip and that Teddy still hadn’t opened the new shop in Milwaukee. Teddy explains that the shops are Ceaser’s dream and that he can’t be upset about them trying to follow their own. Ceaser understands but still wants them to prioritize Black Ink while trying to make their dreams a reality.

Next week, Teddy’s dreams will be a focal point, and it looks like he will be leaving the company, but you know that VH1 editing is always hyping things up.

You can peep the reactions to this week’s episode in the gallery below.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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