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Skate & Treat

Source: Radio One Columbus

October 31st, on the spookiest night of the year, Skate Zone 71 was the place to be!

Radio One Columbus hosted our first “Skate & Treat” event, and it was definitely a night to remember!

We’re thrilled to share that this event was a SOLD OUT success, and it wouldn’t have happened without your support!

From the moment wheels hit the rink, it was non-stop fun. We’re talking tons of skating, delicious treats, food, prizes, great laughs, wholesome family fun, and of course, sounds by our very own DJ Mr. King. Shout out to all the parents and kiddos for some of the most fantastic costumes we’ve ever seen!

A big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to Skate Zone 71 for hosting our event and providing the perfect venue for a night of Halloween family fun!

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Missed “Skate & Treat”? Keep scrolling for a peek into our amazing night!

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1. Getting Hype for Skate & Treat!

2. DJ Nailz & DJ Mr. King

DJ Nailz & DJ Mr. King Source:radio one columbus

3. Leah Henry as Oprah

Leah Henry as Oprah Source:radio one columbus

4. Party Underway!

Party Underway! Source:radio one columbus

5. Halloween Litty!

6. DJ Nailz as Freddy & Chris Harris as Shannon Sharpe

DJ Nailz as Freddy & Chris Harris as Shannon Sharpe Source:radio one columbus

7. We Love Our Community

8. Radio One Columbus & a Baby Fan!

Radio One Columbus & a Baby Fan! Source:radio one columbus

9. Skate & Treat!

10. Radio One Columbus Family

Radio One Columbus Family Source:radio one columbus