Andrea Kelly

With the topic being unavoidable to many, R. Kelly’s ex-wife and daughter have spoken up about how they feel about the allegations against him.   21 yr old, Joann Kelly, says she is still dealing with the pain that her father may be responsible for, according to Check out the interview below where they […]

You have seen the video all up and down your timeline for the past few days with scathing comments about how Drea Kelly is a fraud because she was singing her alleged abusers’ song and praising him. Well, the video is old and Drea has penned an open letter to explain.   According to, […]

Andrea Kelly made an appearance on “The View” where she recalled the time that she thought R. Kelly was going to kill her. She said, “A lot of people know that I’m a professional dancer, so my body is my work. I remember one time he did attack me in the back of a Hummer […]

The Remix!!!!! Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex wife, got some skills. She wrote a remix to his 19 minute song, “I Admit”, and posted the lyrics to social media.     The caption read, “THE REMIX: Admit it Admit it Admit it Your mama IS watching over you. And rolling over in her grave because […]

Parents of Alleged Hostage Say That R. Kelly Gave Their Daughter Two STDs The parents of Jocelyn Savage, had a lot to say on ‘Sister Circle’ about R. Kelly. They are accusing R. Kelly of not only still holding their daughter captive, but of giving her herpes and chlamydia. Yikes. This is not the first […]

You may know Andrea Kelly as the former wife of R&B singer R. Kelly, but the professional choreographer, dancer and mother of three hasn’t let…

Looks like R Kelly’s ex, Andrea Kelly of the reality show, Hollywood Exes has found love again. Sources say that her beau, Brian McKee is from Columbus, Ohio. McKee has model looks, be he’s actually a professional barber and an aspiring actor. Allegedly the two married on March 12th with some of the castmates in the wedding party. Season […]

Crooner R. Kelly (pictured) is making headlines again for failing to meet his child support obligations. However, his lawyer fears he might not show up…