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Andrea Kelly on Sister Circle

Source: YouTube screenshot / youtube screenshot

The Remix!!!!! Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex wife, got some skills. She wrote a remix to his 19 minute song, “I Admit”, and posted the lyrics to social media.



The caption read, “THE REMIX: Admit it Admit it Admit it Your mama IS watching over you. And rolling over in her grave because of the ABUSIVE things you do. You say she’s looking down from heaven So there’s nothing she didn’t see. Which means she saw you BEAT me from heaven and neglect her grand babies……Admit it Admit it Admit it. Your children you don’t see Because you treat them like your fans And not your flesh and blood, please Being a dead beat dad is a conscious choice You could face time w them EVERYDAY they’d SEE your face and HEAR your voice,so….. Admit it Admit it Admit it Then go get some professional help. Own the pain that you’ve inflicted on others’ All by yourself. Even though you can’t read or write it didn’t stop you from making hit songs But you don’t have to read or write to know Domestic Violence is wrong, so…. Admit it Admit it Admit it Your past is not is an excuse Just because you were abused doesn’t mean you get to ABUSE….. Admit it Admit it Admit it Cause the TRUTH will set you free. Nothing good is gonna come to you. UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME.”


Not bad, right? Andrea was married to Kelly from 1996 to 2009.


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