Drink Up! We know that alcohol sales have increased tremendously since the start of the pandemic. Now you can get your drink on without worrying about those dreaded after effects..There’s a new study out that claims that it has the cure to hangovers. According to Bloomberg, a group of researchers in Finland just wrapped up […]

Different types of alcoholic drinks have different affects on different people. It doesn’t matter what kind of booze you drink.  Knock back enough, and you’ll do things you regret. Someone polled 2,000 drinkers, and asked what type of alcohol they were drinking when they did stupid stuff.  Here’s what they found . . According to Addictions.com, […]

Ohio State University is trying to be proactive and issued a safety notice to students encouraging them to stay aware in social settings. The college wants to make students aware of drugging that has occurred at off-campus parties and bars.   According to MyFox28Columbus, here a few safety tips that could stop you from being drugged. […]

White Castle wants to serve liquor when its Short North restaurant reopens. Reportedly, White Castle applied for licenses that would allow sales of beer, wine and liquor. State officials say, there are no available licenses currently available. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me! Pour up! What do you think? Follow me on Snapchat, […]

A new study claims Columbus is the “drunkest” city in the state of Ohio! Reportedly, more than 19% of adults in central Ohio drink excessively, beating Cleveland and Cincinnati. The study also says, binge drinking isn’t just on college campuses, high-income areas reported higher levels of heavy drinking. Happy Hour anyone? I mean it is […]

This weekend’s Super Bowl doesn’t have to end in four hours of bloated agony from the unthinkable amount of beer you consumed. A wide variety…

December 24th is not only Christmas Eve, but also National Eggnog Day. On a fateful day in 1826, US Military Soldiers smuggled inexpensive whiskey into…

What you DO know is that coffee is the greatest thing that’s ever happened. What you DON’T know is lots of other stuff. It is a well-known fact that coffee is the most perfect and wonderful beverage the world has ever known. RELATED::Which Celebrity Has The Most Literate Twitter Feed? It steams the steam of […]

Mimosas at brunch, a few margs after work…that’s not a crazy amount of boozing, right? Actually, it might be. The facts about women and drinking are sobering: Under guidelines issued by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, women who have just one drink a day are considered moderate drinkers. Those who consume three to […]