This survey kind of makes me want to be in my golden years fast, because it all sounds great and carefree. According to a new survey of people over 65, you don’t actually become “old” until you hit 77.  And even then, 90% say you’re “only as old as you feel.”  They also shared […]


A new clinic in Columbus is looking for some VIPs – Very Important Patients. Patients must be senior citizens with Medicare or Medicaid. Doctors said the goal is to give patients the medical attention they need, and in some cases before patients realize how serious their condition really is. “I’ve been in the hospital three […]

A 103-year-old Georgia woman was banned from the Elberton church she’s served for 92 years after she voiced concerns about the pastor’s sermons. Genora Hamm Biggs received…


According to Fox 28, firefighters said an elderly woman was taken to the hospital after she breathed in smoke during a house fire. The fire started around 9 a.m. on Vauxhall Drive. An investigator was called to the scene to try and pinpoint the cause of the fire, which gutted part of the two-story home.


I often think to myself, “why do people act so crazy about a parking spot?” More spots will come open if you just drive around. It’s one things to argue over a parking spot, it’s something else to argue with an elderly man over one. Well, according to Fox 28, an elderly man was attacked behind […]

DUBLIN (Tara Morgan) — A young man is accused of stealing jewelry from elderly women in a retirement community to support his heroin addiction. According to a search warrant, 22 year old Dillon Gardner admitted to stealing rings from two women at retirement apartments in Dublin and trading the jewelry for heroin. Christine Priday says […]